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A complete Combined Training/Eventing Facility located in Northern Florida.
latest update: 10/Nov/2002
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Aussie Jump on Stadium, photo by Carolyn Carnes
Stadium at Basingstoke Farms.
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If you would like to send an email to insure your spot in a Basingstoke Event or Show, please fill out the following form and press the "send" button. This will automatically email your information to Basingstoke Farms. Please be aware that by sending this form, you are responsible for payment of all applicable fees (check appropriate prizelist for schedule of fees), refunds will be granted as per instructions in the prizelists. You must still fill out and sign a regular paper copy of our entry form and mail or bring a check in order to participate in the event/show. Please press the "send" button only once - pressing the "start over" button allows you to re-enter your information.
Event/Show Name: Event/Show Date:
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