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The October 19, 2003 FHTA Event at Basingstoke Farms will be the inaugural FHTA Titled Championship. All FHTA Members who have earned Titles will be invited to participate in the Titled Divisions - with NO entry fee! (Office fee and stabling fees will still be required). All the 'regular' divisions - Starter, Intro, Beg. Novice, Novice, Training and Preliminary as well as individual classes in all three phases will be offered as well. Oct. 19th is a Sunday, schooling will be available over the flagged cross-country courses from 2-4 on the Sat. preceeding the event (Oct. 18th) for competitors only. We hope everyone will join us for what will hopefully prove to be an extraordinary event!
If you join FHTA (click HERE for more information regarding FHTA), you can earn Titles for your horse in Dressage, Stadium and Cross-Country at Intro, Beg. Novice, Novice, Training and Preliminary Levels. Membership is inexpensive and easy. You earn Titles by earning Qualifying Scores (60% or better in Dressage, Clear Rounds - no jump faults and within the time allowed for Stadium and Cross-Country). Two Qualifying Scores earns you a Leg; 4 Legs earns you a Title.
We will be running all three phases of this Trials simultaneously and you will be able to add rides at the in-gate of each and every phase as the schedule allows. We will assign ride times for Dressage (but you can still add another ride if time allows), but for stadium and cross-country, we will simply post start/finish times for each level. For example, Training Cross-Country may run from 10:30 til 11:30 - it will be your responsibility to arrive at the start box during this time for your ride if you are planning on a Training ride. If you wish to add another ride, just let them know at the Start Box! We will run from the lower levels up to the higher levels in all phases.
Schooling will be allowed (weather permitting) for Competitors Only on the Saturday before the Horse Trials from 2 - 4pm. This will be on the actual course(s) that will be used the next day and flags will be in place. See the Prizelist for fees. All schoolers must sign the regular Basingstoke Release
We will be giving lots of ribbons and awards for these Horse Trials. Each Division will receive ribbons for 1-3 placings and there will be a trophy for the best score of the Full Divisions and best score of the Coached Divisions and best score of a Junior Rider. Along with these, we will also be awarding Qualfying Score Ribbons for each FHTA Qualifying Score achieved (you must be a member of FHTA to be elgible for the QS Ribbons - but you can join at the event!).
These Horse Trials will be run a little differently than what we have done in the past. One big change is the addition of Coached Divisions. If you enter a Coached Division (offered at Intro, Beginner Novice and Novice levels), you can have your coach or trainer helping you along during all your rides - as long as they don't interrupt the competition or prove to be a safety hazard.
AND there'll be a PARTY following the competition!
So, check back for more news regarding this new event - we think you'll really like it!

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