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update - 5/Apr/2003
Basingstoke Farms will be hosting the First Annual FHTA Titled Championship on Oct. 19, 2003. This event will offer all the 'regular' FHTA divisions and classes (from Starter at 2' up to Prelim at 3'7") AND will also offer TITLED CHAMPIONSHIP CLASSES. All competitors who have earned a Title (8 qualifying rides at one level in one phase equals one Title) are eligible to participate in the TITLED CHAMPIONSHIP CLASSES - and the entry fee for these classes is FREE. Title Champ Participants will be charged the office fee & stabling fee & schooling fee, if applicable and will be charged for any non-Titled Classes/Divisions they may wish to enter. We hope that all FHTA members will get busy & get those qualifying scores in so they can participate in this exciting event. We will be giving away special TITLED CHAMPIONSHIP Trophies in these classes as well. The prizelist for this event will be uploaded to this website soon - check back for full details. If you have any questions, feel free to email us at any time!
There are no events scheduled to run at Basingstoke during the summer months, we are busy building a tennis court on the property (see the Information Page for court time & racquet rental details) and Equestrian Secretarial Services is keeping us hopping. But, we are open for schooling - call to make an appointment!
We are pleased to announce that Martie Healy is now a 'r' USAEq licensed Eventing Course Designer. The quality of course design that you have come to expect at Basingstoke Farms will continue. Martie will also be designing courses at a select few other venues.
In need of a secretary or scorer at your next Horse Trials or Dressage Show? Contact us!. Martie Healy has begun Equestrian Secretarial Services and is prepared to assist your event or show and remove all adminstrative headaches from your path. Complete database management, website production, computerized scoring - all work is guaranteed! We can do it all or as much as you require. Call us at 352 542-2755 or 4033 or email us to discuss your particular needs. Visit the ESS website by clicking HERE.
FHTA (Florida Horse Trials Association) is now a reality! Go HERE to find out all about it!. Go HERE to find out about the October 6, 2002 FHTA Horse Trials here at Basingstoke Farms. Lots of great new ideas! Inexpensive eventing, Qualifying Score Ribbons, the chance to put Titles on your horse, etc, etc. We think you'll really like this new kind of eventing - and if you like the sound of it, send in your entry!
Would you like to be informed of events and shows at Basingstoke Farms via email and/or snailmail? If so, please fill out our Mailing List Form. All information will remain strictly private and will only be used to inform you of happenings at Basingstoke Farms. Thank you.
Schooling policies for 2003!
Starting Jan. 1, 2002, all trainers wishing to bring students to Basingstoke Farms to school, must provide us with a certificate of insurance which shows Basingstoke Farms as an additional insured. We will keep these certificates on file, they should be good for one year. To compensate our trainers somewhat for this added burden, we have decided that when a trainer brings students to the farm, he/she may school his own horse at the reduced rate of $25/horse for xcntry schooling; all other schoolers will pay the normal schooling rate of $35/horse (which is a slight increase from 2001 rates). Dressage and/or stadium schooling rates remain the same as they were in 2001. We also need to remind everyone that releases must be signed to ride or drive on Basingstoke grounds. The release may be downloaded from this website HERE. Juniors must have the release signed by their legal guardian. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in these matters.

Volunteers are an integral part of the workings of any Horse Trials. Here at Basingstoke Farms, we are blessed with some of the best volunteers in the world. If you would like to see a bit of what a volunteers' life is really like go here. We would love to have you join our merry band!

Hope to see everyone at the farm very soon!

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